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Piece: ~140g Item no: FP7908 Packaging: ~1 kg Country of origin: France

French Raclette is a cheese with a light brown colour. Served cold, it is characterised by a mild aroma and flavour that gently tingles the taste buds. The semi-hard, slightly melting texture is easy to cut into thicker slices. Served hot, it will almost magically changes its flavour to a more savoury and distinctive taste. Its aroma becomes sweet and slightly fruity. Raclette is, above all, the main ingredient of the dish of the same name – Raclette.

You will also enjoy it as an ingredient in casseroles, where it will melt and release even more of the flavour. If you add it to a filling with meat or vegetables such as Portobello mushrooms or coloured peppers, the dish becomes creamy and slightly spicy.
Its flavour will be complemented by a dry white wine. Of course, French will be the best.



Your perfect cheese board

With Q-CONCEPT, consumers have the opportunity to find their favourite flavours from among up to 60 different premium cheese pieces. High-quality cheeses packaged in tasting portions offer the opportunity for easier testing, especially when it comes to composing what is most popular at parties – a cheese board. And this one, too, offers great possibilities. Goat’s, sheep’s or cow’s cheeses, both hard and mouldy, go perfectly with nuts and fruit. Combinations with jam, cold cuts, cranberries or nuts will appeal to those looking for dry and unique flavours and aromas – this is where blue cheeses such as Fourme d’Ambert or Brie and mature cheeses such as Old Amsterdam come in handy.

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