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Frenchi Cheese with Blue Mould

Block: 1kg Item no: 1392 Packaging: 4 x 1 kg Country of origin: Poland

Frenchi blue-veined cheese with blue mould is a product combining cow's milk and the overgrowth of a noble blue mould. It has a distinctive, spicy and slightly bitter flavour and aroma. It is pale, and the inside is veined with blue mould in places.

Perfect as a starter or snack, as well as an addition to lunch meals: soups, pasta dishes and sauces. Frenchi blue-veined cheese is produced from the high quality milk. It suits the tastes of those who seek to enrich their daily cooking experience with distinct flavours.

Frenchi Cheese with Blue Mould


French-style moulded cheeses

The Frenchi brand is a range of mould cheeses that refer to the traditional methods of making French cheese makers, and are made from cow’s milk from various parts of Europe.
The mission of our brand is to take the consumer from his own kitchen to France, straight to the homeland of the most popular and tastiest mould cheeses.
We want the consumer, when he takes the first bite of cheese, to know that he simply cannot resist the second one. We believe that taste is more than just a product feature. It is a pure moment of pleasure that we can dose ourselves in the comfort of our own home.

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