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Cheesupers Super Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks: 80g Item no: 8200 Packaging: Display 20 x 80 g Country of origin: Lithuania

When little bellies burble, smiles turn into impatient smirks. In this situation, parents play the role of superheroes who can satiate a big appetite with a small snack. How is this possible? That’s how the cheesy powers of delicious Cheesupers sticks work! Each one offers a portion of protein and every bite fills children’s taste buds with real pleasure!

What else are Cheesupers sticks valued for? Literally everything! In particular, for the fact that these unique snacks are enjoyed by all of the little ones and have a preservative-free composition. And one more thing – from time to time they make one of the four sticks disappear under mysterious circumstances. You probably won’t be able to resist the temptation either!
They can be eaten cold as a delicious cheese bar or reheated to serve the sticks hot, e.g. with breadcrumbs, as crispy nuggets. Of course, they taste great with some ketchup and a fresh roll turning into a small but filling meal. In short, Cheesupers cheese sticks are an instant way to make a midday lunch, a quick snack or an appetising treat at a family party. One thing is certain – when the little adventurers eat them, they always have smiling faces and full bellies.

Cheesupers Super Cheese Sticks


A portion of health and fun

The Chessupers brand was created as the best solution when you’re in the mood for a little snack. It takes one glass of milk to produce one cheese finger. Nutritious cheese sticks are the best complement to a child’s second breakfast, a treat during lunch at work or when travelling. They are a healthy snacks, a source of calcium and protein. The sticks tear easily, making eating them fun.

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