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Grikios Feta Dop

Wedge: 100g Item no: 3258 Packaging: Display 12 x 100 g Country of origin: Greece

Traditional Greek cheese Grikios Feta made from 100% pasteurised sheep and goat milk, a symbol of Greek cuisine.

It is characterised by a firm texture, a slightly salty flavour, and a unique aroma, attributable to the maturation process and ageing in brine. Feta can be sliced, diced or crumbled to quickly prepare a Mediterranean-style dish.
The P.D.O. certificate (Protected Designation of Origin) is a guarantee of an authentic and high-quality cheese – it is a European certification confirming the authenticity of a product. This means that the name ‘feta’ is reserved exclusively for a cheese made in Greece, produced from goat’s and sheep’s milk, and matured under specific conditions.

Grikios Feta Dop


A feast full of flavours

Ideas for dishes and snacks from the Mediterranean cuisine
Thanks to Grikios cheeses and snacks, each dish will be richer with an interesting flavor typical of dishes from the Mediterranean menu. Thanks to them, it is pleasant to compose a completely new dish combining traditional recipes with new ingredients.

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