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Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam Goat

Piece: ~130g Item no: FP7006 Packaging: ~1 kg Country of origin: Netherlands

Old Amsterdam Goat Cheese, like its cow's milk prototype, is ripened for about 8 months. By the production process, it acquires a deep, distinctive and unique flavour. It is even stronger precisely because of the high quality milk, from goats. It has a firm and crumbly texture that melts pleasantly on the tongue.

As a hard cheese it is suitable for Italian dishes, where grated with pasta it enhances its flavour. It forms a great complement to the taste of bacon burgers, as well as on crispy toast from home-made bread. Its taste is easy to enjoy without any other additions, while sipping a glass of dry red wine or as a snack with a pint of dark beer. The quality and the sterile wrapper ensures the freshness of the product.

Old Amsterdam Goat

Old Amsterdam

There is cheese and there is
Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam is the most popular cheese in the world among consumers. The award-winning and most popular mature cheese in the Netherlands. Manufactured for years, Old Amsterdam is an exquisite Dutch gouda with a truly unique, expressive taste and velvety texture. Produced from the perfect cow’s milk, the cheese acquires its valuable properties by maturing for several weeks, until it reaches a unique, deep taste and an essential aroma. The patented process resulted in a cheese with crunchy crystals and a distinctive flavour that is still creamy and smooth.

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