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Dodoni Feta BIO PDO

Wedge: 200g Item no: 6407 Packaging: Display 12 x 200 g Country of origin: Greece

A traditional Greek cheese, which is a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. Certificates attest to its high class: Protected Designation of Origin, stating that the product was made according to strictly observed recipes in a specific region of Greece, and BIO certification, indicating that only ingredients from organic farming were used in its production.

It has a slightly salty and pleasantly sour aftertaste. The snow-white block of cheese is easy to cut into even cubes or slices. At the same time, it is soft enough to be easily crumbled and added straight away to the prepared dish. The calcium and protein contained in cheese are two macronutrients that play a key role in the formation and regeneration of bones, muscle tissue and even the nervous system. It can therefore be a valuable component of a balanced diet.
It blends well with less pronounced flavours, forming a harmonious duo with tomato passata and creamy soups. This Mediterranean delicacy will turn scrambled eggs with spinach into a striking dish. Diced, on the other hand, it is a perfect accompaniment to spring grilled skewers and light salads with fresh vegetables.

Dodoni Feta BIO PDO


Taste of Good

DODONI has become one of the leading dairies in Greece, and the market leader in P.D.O Feta cheese. With over 100% of Greek milk and the purest raw ingredients, DODONI has been creating original dairy products for 60 years, such as the famous feta with the stamp of the company’s trademark, yogurt, yellow cheese and many others that stand out for their rich flavor. All the products of DODONI, certify the credibility and authenticity of its wonderful taste, the Taste of Good.

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