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Dublin Dairy

Cheddar White Slices Horeca

Slices: 1 kg Item no: 5635 Packaging: 6 x 1 kg Country of origin: Irland

Cheddar Dublin Dairy White Slices is a semi-hard cheese with a distinctive cow milk flavour. It is characterised by a slightly salty flavour, light yellow colour and smooth texture. It is a source of protein and calcium.

The slices are of the right thickness, so they break and tear easily, making them easier to use during cooking. It is characterized by functionality – convenient packaging facilitates wide use in the kitchen. It tastes great when served hot, e.g. as a burger or lunch meal topping. Cheddar Dublin Dairy White is made with the high quality milk from Irish cows. They are grazed for most of the year on green pastures, so the flavour of the products is unique and delicious !

Cheddar White Slices Horeca

Dublin Dairy

Straight from the Irish meadows

Dublin Dairy – is Irish cheddar and butter for which quality and taste are everything!
In Dublin Dairy products you will discover the true taste of Ireland, and every bite will take you to lands painted with the most beautiful landscapes of the Island. Dublin Dairy is also synonymous with simple and quick cooking and celebrating meals with your loved ones. The brand is famous for its care for high quality, which you will always find in the original taste of products bearing the Irish clover.

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