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Goat Soft Cheese

Piece: ~125g Item no: FP1834 Packaging: ~1 kg Country of origin: Netherlands

The velvety goat's curds wrap around your taste buds and linger long in your memory. The soft and brittle texture on the tongue resolves into a fluffy cloud with a slight sourness. This distinctive flavor is due to the production process and the high quality milk, which comes from the EU. It not only offers a unique taste and a sensation for the taste buds. It is also a source of protein, essential in the daily diet.

Thanks to its delicate taste and texture, it is an excellent addition to salads, pasta – as a dairy alternative. It adds a subtle flavour to fresh vegetable salads, while sauces made with it gain a creamy texture. But it is best enjoyed on its own, accompanied by crusty bread, walnuts, pears and a dry but delicate white wine, perhaps even sparkling. This is just the perfect amount of fresh cheese. Ready to taste and ready to share, for the best of it.

Goat Soft Cheese


Your perfect cheese board

With Q-CONCEPT, consumers have the opportunity to find their favourite flavours from among up to 60 different premium cheese pieces. High-quality cheeses packaged in tasting portions offer the opportunity for easier testing, especially when it comes to composing what is most popular at parties – a cheese board. And this one, too, offers great possibilities. Goat’s, sheep’s or cow’s cheeses, both hard and mouldy, go perfectly with nuts and fruit. Combinations with jam, cold cuts, cranberries or nuts will appeal to those looking for dry and unique flavours and aromas – this is where blue cheeses such as Fourme d’Ambert or Brie and mature cheeses such as Old Amsterdam come in handy.

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