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Dodoni Halloumi Burgers

Wedge: 200g Item no: 6405 Packaging: Display 10 x 200 g Country of origin: Greece

A traditional delicacy of Cypriot cuisine - semi-hard Halloumi cheese. Its composition is based on a mixture of goat's, sheep and cow's milk. It has a compact texture, suitable for grilling or frying. Its milky, slightly salty yet sweet taste fills the taste buds. It is a source of protein and other valuable minerals. Created according to original methods to high quality standards.

A highly versatile product, used in many cuisines around the world. As good hot as it is cold, it will find its fans among lovers of both salads and barbecue culinary adventures. The convenient sliced form makes the product immediately ready to eat or cook. It will successfully replace a steak in an American burger. Tastes best served hot, immediately after taking it off the grill or grill pan. Preferably paired with a light dry white wine, a good rosé wine or beer.
It will also make a great accompaniment to salads and appetisers.

Dodoni Halloumi Burgers


Taste of Good

DODONI has become one of the leading dairies in Greece, and the market leader in P.D.O Feta cheese. With over 100% of Greek milk and the purest raw ingredients, DODONI has been creating original dairy products for 60 years, such as the famous feta with the stamp of the company’s trademark, yogurt, yellow cheese and many others that stand out for their rich flavor. All the products of DODONI, certify the credibility and authenticity of its wonderful taste, the Taste of Good.

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