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Sheep Farm

Sheep Cheese Slices

Slices: 100 g Item no: 1323 Packaging: Display 6 x 100 g Country of origin: Spain

The delicate texture of Sheep Farm delights the senses with a creamy cloud, and the milky aroma fills the taste buds to the brim. This is exactly what cheese tastes like whose depth comes from the milk of sheep enjoying the luscious grass under the roof of the blue Spanish sky.

Its exceptional softness and appetising taste make a simple breakfast, lunch or snack a real feast, and turn the preparation of exquisite meals into a child’s adventure.
Sheep’s cheese is a delicacy loved by both adult connoisseurs and children of all ages. How do we recommend serving it? In many different ways! It tastes great on fresh rolls or warm toast. You can also serve the slices accompanied by tomatoes, chives and a little olive oil. How about a squash and sheep’s cheese tortilla or a soufflé with cranberry sauce? A great option is to melt the cheese to flavour a sauce or casserole or to serve it on a board as a sophisticated snack with white wine.

Sheep Cheese Slices

Sheep Farm

The cheese perfection

The SHEEP FARM brand was born out of a love for simple and tasty cooking that turns food preparation into a culinary journey. Their unique flavour, which delights the palates of big and small gourmets are a result of the sheep who share with us the unique taste of their excellent milk. At the same time, our brand is synonymous with high quality, thanks to which SHEEP FARM sheep cheeses taste great and are an appetising part of the diet.

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