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Grikios Red Cherry Pepper Filled with Cheese

Cup: 200g Item no: 4407 Packaging: Display 5 x 200 g Country of origin: Poland

Grikios Red cherry pepper in a marinade, tempts the eyes with an intense color.

Crunchy vegetables combined with fresh, creamy cheese delight the palate. It can be served as a standalone snack, addition to salads or baked on a tart or pizza. During a banquet at home or a garden party, this snacks will be a great as a finger foods or witht grilled dishes.

Grikios Red Cherry Pepper Filled with Cheese


A feast full of flavours

Ideas for dishes and snacks from the Mediterranean cuisine
Thanks to Grikios cheeses and snacks, each dish will be richer with an interesting flavor typical of dishes from the Mediterranean menu. Thanks to them, it is pleasant to compose a completely new dish combining traditional recipes with new ingredients.

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