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Grikios Salad Brine Cheese

Wedge: 200g Item no: 3250 Packaging: Display 10 x 200 g Country of origin: Germany

Grikios salad Greek-type cheese has been a firm favourite with consumers for years. It makes an incredibly crisp addition to lift any ordinary dish. It has a slightly salty and pleasantly sour aftertaste.

A snow-white block of cheese, easily cut into even cubes or slices. At the same time it is so soft that it can easily be crumbled and immediately added to a finished dish. The calcium and protein contained in Grikios cheese are two macronutrients that play a key role in the construction and regeneration of the bones, muscle tissue and even the nervous system. Brine-cured Grikios cheese is an absolute must for a Greek salad. However, it can also be enjoyed in other ways. It blends particularly well with less distinctive flavours, forming a harmonious duo with tomato passata and creamy soups. Also works well in the non-obvious combination with sweet ingredients – watermelon, honey, sesame and nuts. Things gets even better when accompanied by a light white wine that accentuates its unique qualities.

Grikios Salad Brine Cheese


A feast full of flavours

Ideas for dishes and snacks from the Mediterranean cuisine
Thanks to Grikios cheeses and snacks, each dish will be richer with an interesting flavor typical of dishes from the Mediterranean menu. Thanks to them, it is pleasant to compose a completely new dish combining traditional recipes with new ingredients.

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