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Sheep Cheese with Rosemary

Piece: ~135g Item no: FP4204 Packaging: ~1 kg Country of origin: Spain

It would be hard to find an herb that better suits the Spanish temperament. After all, rosemary is a shrub that symbolises love, vitality, youth and long-lasting friendship. Combined with the traditional Spanish sheep’s cheese, which needs a minimum of 150 days to mature, we have a unique delicacy that is a must-try. Spanish cheeses are mostly hard cheeses. This is due to the quite long maturing time. Spanish cheese with rosemary has a firm texture. There is no doubt that this is a sheep’s cheese in terms of taste and aroma. You can feel the freshness of the milk and the well-defined edge of rosemary, ready to steal the heart of many a gourmand. It is decorated on the outside with green dried rosemary, while on the inside it is ivory yellow.

It would be a sin not to add it to tapas, or add it to the starter platter. As it is a hard cheese, it can be coated and fried. This is best done with shashlik sticks. The pieces of cheese should be thick enough so that, despite being hard, they do not melt before the coating is browned. These cheese shashliks can be served separately or as an accompaniment to other dishes. They certainly go well with cranberry or blueberry jam. We also recommend enjoying them with red wine, such as Spanish Rioja.

Sheep Cheese with Rosemary


Your perfect cheese board

With Q-CONCEPT, consumers have the opportunity to find their favourite flavours from among up to 60 different premium cheese pieces. High-quality cheeses packaged in tasting portions offer the opportunity for easier testing, especially when it comes to composing what is most popular at parties – a cheese board. And this one, too, offers great possibilities. Goat’s, sheep’s or cow’s cheeses, both hard and mouldy, go perfectly with nuts and fruit. Combinations with jam, cold cuts, cranberries or nuts will appeal to those looking for dry and unique flavours and aromas – this is where blue cheeses such as Fourme d’Ambert or Brie and mature cheeses such as Old Amsterdam come in handy.

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