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Mozzarella Ball

Ball: 125g Item no: 6020 Packaging: Display 10 x 125 g Country of origin: Germany

Delights the palate with its springy and slightly moist texture and fills the taste buds with the velvety aroma of cow’s milk. All the magic of flavour is preserved in its round shape, which makes Italian-style cooking a breeze. It can be added to your favourite dishes or easily cut into small slices, and either method is good for turning the simplest recipe into a unique dish or snack. Mozzarella Formagia provides pleasure in its purest form – literally and figuratively, because it tastes great and its composition is invariably simple.

In other words, it is made from natural ingredients of the highest quality without unnecessary preservatives.
Mozzarella Formagia will perfectly complement the classic Caprese salad, adding a pinch of Italian lightness which will charm your family or invited guests. You can serve it with pizza to emphasise the flavour of additions or use it as a base for cheese stuffing for meat or roasted vegetables. Add it to a tomato cream to give your soup an Italian touch. The possibilities are endless, and mozzarella in the shape of a moulded ball will certainly trigger our culinary imagination and provide exceptional joy in creating our own recipes. So let’s add and grill without limits, in order to cook quickly, simply and deliciously – exactly the way we like it, and the way your family and guests like it.

Mozzarella Ball


As good as in Italy!

FORMAGIA is the pleasure of cooking and eating in Italian style.
The FORMAGIA brand was created out of love for cooking in the Italian style, making meals extremely quick and easy, while inspiring culinary fantasies.
That is why our cheeses combine the highest quality with the unique character of Italy.
This unique synergy inspires us to search for the best.
When we find it, we share it with you to enchant your senses with great taste every time.

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