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To be a Central & Eastern-European leader in custom dairy products and Premium solutions. We want to be the first choice as an employer, business partner and supplier.

Our vision

Who we are?

We are convinced to be the best partner in the premium dairy products segment in Central and Eastern Europe.

We have been delivering custom-made solutions for more than 20 years. We also own, import and distribute European premium dairy brands.

Tell us who you are, how we can help you,
in what capacity you would like to work with us?

For suppliers

We are always on the lookout for new suppliers all across Europe – find out what we can offer you.

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For customers

If you want to offer a premium dairy product in your store, click and see the offer we have for you.

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For HORECA customers

Do you run a restaurant? We can offer you premium products in the right quantity and price.

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Where do we operate?

We offer our products in 13 Central & Eastern-European countries; we work with large supermarket chains, restaurants and other business partners.

We continue to develop our presence in these markets and expand our activity into new regions.

We deliver extraordinary flavours from all corners of Europe.

Our values

In what we do, we are guided by values that make us a trustworthy and reliable employer and partner.

We respond to our Partners’ individual needs and listen to the voice of our Employees.

Respect for Partners

We believe that respect and mutual trust are at the core of good business partnership.

Care for Employees

We offer safe and comfortable working conditions as well as stable employment with an employment contract.

Responsible and consistent operation

We provide innovative solutions while minding the protection of the environment and creating good practices in our industry.

Fair play with the competition

We respect our competition.

Ensuring high quality

We make sure to maintain high quality when it comes to our products, services as well as work standards.

We are BRC Food Safety and IFS Broker certified

Our high standards and attention to quality are confirmed by BRC Food Safety certification with the highest possible rating of AA+. BRCGS is a global certification program that has been setting the highest standards for product safety and quality management for almost 25 years. Achieving AA+ level certification is only possible during unannounced audits, confirming our unwavering commitment to maintaining the strictest standards.

Obtaining IFS Broker certification (version 3.1, 2021) at 99.23% confirms the high standards of our products and provides assurance to our trading partners regarding the quality of goods and transparency of processes. International Food Standard  (IFS) Broker is the standard for auditing the service compliance of brokers, sales representatives, traders and importers of i.a. food. An IFS Broker audit assesses whether the intermediary has implemented suitable processes. These processes must ensure that the products of its suppliers comply with the legal regulations and the product specifications of its customers. Brand owners and retailers worldwide consider IFS Broker certified companies as some of the most respected companies in the industry.

Euroser certyfikowane, prestiżowe ceryfikaty dla EUROSER

Looking out into the future

We believe that continuous development and searching for innovative solutions to match our Customers’ needs make Euroser Dairy Group an independent and future-oriented company.

How it started?


The company is founded by three friends.

Marc, Krzysztof and Bogusław open a business together to make and sell European cheeses – the name EuroSer is born (“ser” meaning “cheese” in Polish). The first logo is created to serve the company for 9 years.

2003 - 2007

The company undergoes rapid development.

A new member, Małgorzata, joins the company’s management team. The company invests in developing its distribution network in Poland and purchases its own fleet. Cooperation begins with 10 retail chains in Poland; first export contracts are concluded.

2008 - 2010

We further develop export and introduce the first products under our own brand to the market.

2011 - 2014

Rebranding and further growth of the company.

The company transforms into a group and takes on a new logo which we still use today. We start building our position as a leader on the premium dairy products market.


Further production development; the group opens its own warehouse.

We own over 60 products under our own 10 brands.


Introducing the Freshpack to the market.

It is an innovative solution for display counters that allows us to better adjust our offer to our Customers’ needs.

2017 - 2018

Expansion of our production facilities and the start of our own packaging production with new machines.

As one of only 3 companies in Poland, we introduce a cheese slicing machine for new envelope packaging which we have pioneered. This change allows us to reduce the amount of plastic used to package our cheeses by 40%. This is also when we obtain our IFS and BRC certificates.

od 2019 - 2021

Reinforcing our position as a leader on the premium dairy products market.

Creating new products and expanding their distribution network also into international markets. Expanding our marketing activity and customer communication.


Intense and groundbreaking year for the company

Re-fresh the freshpack concept - we were refreshing the communication and changing the name to "Q-CONCEPT". We were expand the range of the GRIKIOS brand with new products - Grill Cheese Burger and Grill Cheese Chili.
We were celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company; we are grateful to our partners for the years of cooperation.

Responsible practices

We are aware that cultivating good practices affects not only our immediate business environment, but also the communities we operate within and the natural environment. This is why we maintain high standards in all aspects of our activity.

Less waste

We utilise our resources in full to minimise waste.

Less plastic

Thanks to our innovative Q-Concept, we have reduced the amount of plastic we use by 40%.

Solar cells on our premises

We make use of the resources that nature gives us by using renewable energy sources.

Product and financial independence

We carry our own brands and work with reliable suppliers who offer the highest quality products.

Trust-based relations

Our business relations are grounded in trust; we ensure mutual gains for both us and our Partners.

Innovative solutions to customer needs

Thanks to modern machinery we offer solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

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