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Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam Piece

Wedge: 250g Item no: 7357 Packaging: Display 8 x 250 g Country of origin: Holland

There is cheese and there is Old Amsterdam. Unique starter culture - Ripening in three stages. Released based on taste, not age.
Old Amsterdam is a mature cheese, savoury with a slight sweetness. It is rich in ripening crystals but can be easily sliced. Natural product, ripened approximately 8 months on wood shelves. The exact ripening period varies based on the season.

A unique cheese, considered to be one of the tastiest in the world. Such an award is no small thing. It surprises with its rich and perfectly prepared taste. While eating this excellent cheese, we can smell the sweet accents that mix with the salty ones.
It works perfectly on its own, as a wholesome snack. Goes well with red wines and, thanks to its wealth of antioxidants, it keeps the skin looking young. Suitable for use in any type of recipe. An excellent cheese for casseroles, as well as cheese bruschetta. It enriches the flavour and nutritional value of any salad with a dash of vinaigrette dressing, while it will become a favourite sprinkled on root vegetable fries. Prepared especially for demanding gourmands, the perfect amount of fresh cheese. Ready to taste and ready to share, for the best of it.

Old Amsterdam Piece

Old Amsterdam

There is cheese and there is
Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam is the most popular cheese in the world among consumers. The award-winning and most popular mature cheese in the Netherlands. Manufactured for years, Old Amsterdam is an exquisite Dutch gouda with a truly unique, expressive taste and velvety texture. Produced from the perfect cow’s milk, the cheese acquires its valuable properties by maturing for several weeks, until it reaches a unique, deep taste and an essential aroma. The patented process resulted in a cheese with crunchy crystals and a distinctive flavour that is still creamy and smooth.

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