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Sheep Farm

Sheep Cheese Block

Block: 3kg Item no: 3032 Packaging: 6 kg Country of origin: Spain

In this peaceful land, time passes slowly and the rhythm of the day is determined by the sound of the wind, the smiles of the sun and the chirping of the birds. Under the canopy of the Spanish blue sky spreads a green carpet of endless pastures. It is here that the sheep feast, sharing their milk with us, from which the excellent SHEEP FARM brand cheese is made. Each bite captivates the palate with its creamy taste and delightfully smooth texture. This unique combination turns ordinary snacks and meals into an exceptional feast. And one more thing! Sheep’s cheese inspires the search for new flavour arrangements, making the preparation of quick meals a real pleasure.

Time for a delicious breakfast. How about fresh rolls with sheep’s cheese and chives? If you prefer, you can start the day by serving a flavoursome salad combining chunks of aromatic cheese with tomatoes, olives and sunflower seeds. When the family gets hungry but it’s not yet dinner time, delight the palates of your nearest and dearest with a sheep’s cheese casserole or an omelette with courgettes and a little cheese. For the main course, we would recommend gnocchi with sheep’s cheese, quiche with salmon and chunks of cheese or muffins filled with a mushroom and cheese filling. And for the evening? A cheese board with a glass of white wine, of course. Simply put, Sheep’s cheese provides almost limitless culinary possibilities, offering you versatility and a daily dose of inspiration for every occasion!

Sheep Cheese Block

Sheep Farm

The cheese perfection

The SHEEP FARM brand was born out of a love for simple and tasty cooking that turns food preparation into a culinary journey. Their unique flavour, which delights the palates of big and small gourmets are a result of the sheep who share with us the unique taste of their excellent milk. At the same time, our brand is synonymous with high quality, thanks to which SHEEP FARM sheep cheeses taste great and are an appetising part of the diet.

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