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Goat Farm

Goat & Sheep Cheese Slices

Slices: 100 g Item no: 3112 Packaging: Display 12 x 100 g Country of origin: Spain & Holland

Goat farm a special kind of cheese which is a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. While melting, it acquires its unique, soft yet flexible texture. Goat Farm Goat & Sheep`s Cheese Slices is a product with a delicate, milky colour and an equally subtle aroma.

Once tasted, it surprises with a deep, perfectly balanced flavour. It has the distinctive character of goat’s cheese, while sheep’s milk gives it a pleasant mildness. Goat & sheep`s cheese is so flavourful that it delights even when left plain – only with a slice of fresh, good bread. Its creamy texture adds variety to light salads and cheese platters, contrasting with pleasantly crunchy vegetables and juicy fruit. It harmonises perfectly with a light dry white or rosé wine. It is produced using carefully selected ingredients sourced, among others, from farms that provide comfortable, free-range conditions for animals almost all year round.

Goat & Sheep Cheese Slices

Goat Farm

For people like you!

Goat Farm is a brand that meets your expectations. We know perfectly well that you value delicate taste, composition rich in vitamins and minerals, and you are looking for such products for yourself and your loved ones. The result of this combination are the brand’s goat’s milk products Goat Farm that combine:

  • delicate taste and aroma
  • variety of use, tailored to the needs of demanding customers
  • products for many age groups (youth, adults, seniors)
  • suitable for vegetarians
  • and above all, goat’s cheese is an alternative for people with lactose
    intolerance* as it is easier to digest than cow’s milk cheese. (*Lactose content
    in the product: <0.1 g/100 g)
  • …each of us sometimes likes to try something new, everyone cares about their loved ones, everyone likes to eat tasty – that’s why should try the unique Goat Farm goat cheeses that we create for people just like you!

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