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Grikios Grill Cheese

Wedge: 200g Item no: 3252 Packaging: Display 12 x 200 g Country of origin: Poland

Semi-hard Grikios Grill Cheese based on high quality cow milk. When exposed to high temperatures, it reaches its full flavour and unique texture. The surface is lightly browned and toasted, allowing the delicate centre to become springy. It can also be served cold.

It is firm, creamy white and pleasantly salty. Grikios Halloumi Cheese has a simple composition without preservatives. Thanks to its high protein and moderate fat content, it is an excellent complement to a balanced diet. It is also an extremely versatile product used in cooking across the globe. We can dice it or slice it and when heated it will keep its shape. In this form, it will turn light salads into filling, wholesome meals. It tastes great served hot, pan-fried, grilled or baked in the oven. Preferably paired with light dry white wine, good rosé wine or beer.

Grikios Grill Cheese


A feast full of flavours

Ideas for dishes and snacks from the Mediterranean cuisine
Thanks to Grikios cheeses and snacks, each dish will be richer with an interesting flavor typical of dishes from the Mediterranean menu. Thanks to them, it is pleasant to compose a completely new dish combining traditional recipes with new ingredients.

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