Good Product 2023 certificate for Goat Farm natural goat cheese

On November 6, Good Product 2023 certificates were awarded to recognize and popularize the best food products.

The Good Product Certificate is an award given to the best and most interesting food products, which are of exceptional quality and are intended to help consumers make choices when shopping.

In the High Quality Product category, the recognition went to Goat Farm goat cheese in slices, thus receiving the Good Product 2023 certificate. In this year’s edition, more than 160 products were evaluated by the jury, so this is a great distinction and a source of pride for us. This reinforces our conviction that natural goat cheese under the Goat Farma brand is a product of the highest quality, increasingly chosen as a substitute for cow’s milk cheese. The reason for this is the current trends referring to a healthy lifestyle, in which Goat Farm cheeses fit perfectly. Goat products are easily digestible compared to cow’s milk products, and thanks to the lower amount of casein proteins, they are less allergenic, so they are recommended for people with digestive disorders and food allergies, such as protein diathesis.