Our products awarded for excellent taste

The International Taste & Quality Institute has recognized the quality of Euroser Dairy Group products! 🥳 Superior Taste Award is an award given annually since 2005 to food and beverage producers for taste and quality.

We are proud to announce that our products have once again received this prestigious award! One year ago, we celebrated the success of our Goat Farm brand, when the award went to: Goat Cheese Slices PGI and Goat & Sheep Cheese Slices.

This year’s winners are: Dublin Dairy Irish Butter, Irish Cheddar Dublin Dairy Red Slices and – once again in a rowGoat Cheese Slices PGI!

It is worth noting that the judges do not know the brands of the products being evaluated, so the verdict of the International Taste & Quality Institute is fully objective.

Thank You very much for this award! it’s important to us, as our goal has always been to provide quality products! 💪

Superior Taste Award
Superior Taste Award for Goat Farm
Dublin Dairy Irish Cheddar Red slices 150g
Dublin Dairy Irish butter natural 200g