Goat Farm slices in new packaging

Goat Farm’s natural sliced cheese has been hitting stores in new packaging since April 2023. When designing it, we focused on highlighting the product’s benefits even more strongly. All this so that consumers would not miss them while exploring the store shelf.

We are talking about such benefits as:

– number 1* in the category
– delicate and mild taste
– simple composition
– no preservatives

Our cheese also has the Protected Geographical Indication cheese “Hollandse Geitenkaas”, which testifies to its production in a strict region of the Netherlands, making it of exceptional quality compared to other goat cheeses.

Goat Farm cheeses for special people like you!

Everyone likes to try something new sometimes, everyone cares about their loved ones, everyone likes to eat deliciously, so try Goat Farm goat cheese, which we create for special people like you!- people like you!

*No. 1 in the category of sliced goat cheese in volume sales in Poland, Whole Poland excluding discount stores, according to Nielsen data in the period IV.2021-III.20222