Cooperation with KSRG Wólka Smolana TSO

We are pleased to announce that our company had the pleasure of supporting the Volunteer Fire Department in Wólka Smolana in the field of first aid education, and more specifically, funding that enabled the Department to purchase phantoms for learning CPR.

We are pleased that our funds have contributed to equipping TSO Wólka Smolana with such important tools as phantoms, which help young people learn first aid and develop skills that can be crucial in saving lives.

During the meeting with representatives of TSO KSRG Wólka Smolana, we had the opportunity to admire the skills of the youngest members of the Youth Fire Team. It’s an inspiring experience for us to observe how young people are involved in learning first aid and how they develop during practical classes.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to support such great initiatives, as well as for the inspiring meeting with the firefighters of Wólka Smolana. We are convinced that investing in first aid learning is a key step towards a safer community.

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