A carton closer to nature

As a leader in the goat cheese category, the Goat Farm brand creates solutions that help minimize our environmental impact. We have made it a priority to switch to sustainable packaging, so we can contribute to lowering our carbon footprint.

Appropriate carton design has helped reduce raw material consumption in the production process by 9% and 3%, respectively, depending on carton size. Less waste translates directly into lower costs for disposal of bulk packaging in our partners’ stores.

Another milestone in the Goat Farm brand’s efforts was to reduce the amount of paint used on the carton by a not inconsiderable 69%, emphasizing only the necessary brand messages and values. Inks, while essential to the packaging industry, can have an impact on the environment and human health. By reducing the printing area, the Goat Farm brand now boasts packaging that is more friendly to both health and the planet.

We make every effort to source our packaging from FSC-certified sources. Our packaging is functional and made from 100% recycled, fully recyclable materials. This means that every package has a chance for a second life, which is a key element in building a sustainable future.

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