Simple solution, excellent result – Q-CONCEPT from Euroser Dairy Group

Exactly 6 years ago, to meet the needs of consumers, Euroser Dairy Group, with its knowledge of the market and cheese, and its wide portfolio of products, delivered the “Fresh Pack” cheese concept to the market. The tremendous success has made the concept constantly evolve and go a step further by creating “Q- CONCEPT”. This gives consumers the opportunity to find more than 60 different types of premium cheeses in almost every store, packaged in convenient tasting portions.

“Such a simple yet much-needed solution is not only an innovative approach, but also a greater assurance that the purchased product will not end up in the trash. We are also committed to changing consumer habits so that the concept of #lesswaste is less and less of a mystery,” says Malgorzata Wlodarczyk, vice president of Euroser Dairy Group.

In addition to the convenient “Q- CONCEPT” portions found in many traditional store counters and, more recently, in self-service shelves, Euroser Dairy Group is betting on making it easier for consumers to choose a piece of cheese that matches their taste preferences. This is made possible by labels that provide information on the name of the cheese, the strength of the flavor, or the type of milk the product was made from. The benefits? These are many – both for the consumer and the stores.

Together against food waste, or Q-CONCEPT from Euroser Dairy Group