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Sheep Farm

Sheep Cheese Cube

Wedge: 150 g Item no: 1299 Packaging: Display 10 x 150 g Country of origin: Spain

A piece of Sheep Farm pleasure that glistens on the palate with its mild flavour, while the creamy yet delicate texture melts pleasantly in the mouth. Its deep aroma tempts you with every bite and inspires you to become a master of the culinary art every day... Such is the sheep’s cheese with which you and your loved ones will discover the appetising harmony of nature.

How is this possible? Imagine the Spanish sun and the lush green of the grass where the sheep graze. It is the Mediterranean climate, the blissful tranquility and the excellent milk that turns every snack or lunch dish into a real feast by adding this excellent sheep’s cheese.
Just cut it into small cubes and you can serve delicious snacks that taste great with white or rosé wine. Sheep’s cheese delights the palate on warm rolls and crunchy casseroles, and perfectly enriches the taste of sauces. You can also take inspiration from Mediterranean recipes and make a salad with sheep’s cheese, pears and nuts, or enchant your family with crepes with chanterelles and a hint of melted cheese. These are just a few ideas from the endless list of culinary possibilities opened up by the creamy flavours of SHEEP FARM brand specialities. One thing is certain – each of your creations will taste exceptional to you and your loved ones, and cooking will become quick and easy!

Sheep Cheese Cube

Sheep Farm

The cheese perfection

The SHEEP FARM brand was born out of a love for simple and tasty cooking that turns food preparation into a culinary journey. Their unique flavour, which delights the palates of big and small gourmets are a result of the sheep who share with us the unique taste of their excellent milk. At the same time, our brand is synonymous with high quality, thanks to which SHEEP FARM sheep cheeses taste great and are an appetising part of the diet.

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