Goat Farm inspires to cook at home

The trend of cooking at home is gaining traction, and the Goat Farm brand is supporting it on its social media channels, encouraging its followers to use the products in cold and hot dishes. The brand argues that sliced cheeses are suitable for more than just sandwiches, and publishes inspiration that encourages observers to be creative in the kitchen.

Poles save money on restaurant outings, but not on food products

A study by consulting firm Bain & Company found that 60% of Poles plan to cut back heavily on going out to restaurants this year and switch to preparing meals at home. Consumers are five times more likely to give up eating out than to cut back on grocery spending, the study showed*.
This gives brands a chance to increase sales volume, as by reducing food service spending, consumers will automatically increase the value of their shopping cart. Poles will start to reach for more valuable products more readily, and the rotation of these items on the shelves will tend to increase. (…)

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* Bain & Company’s online consumer behavior survey was conducted on a representative sample of Poles on the Dynata platform in October 2022.