Boska Holland has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and selling professional cheese tools. Absolutely everything one needs for cheese is available, except the cheese itself. That is why cheese lovers from the Euroser Dairy Group choose to be the perfect partner for Boska Holland. We have the best cheeses from all over Europe, which, in combination with Boska’s tools, will allow you to create the perfect cheese board or fondue to enrich any party.

Boska Holland offers three categories of tools:


professional cheese tools for cross-selling in stores.

The advantages of having them in your store:
  • the seller becomes a cheese specialist (educating customers, helping them to choose the right knives for particular types of cheese)
  • they help to provide a more comprehensive service for the target customer
  • by using professional tools, the seller increases turnover related to cheese products and other product types
  • they allow the customer to become an exceptional cheese gourmet.

Slicing and packaging

professional tools for use at the cheese counter.

The advantages of having them in your store:
  • they facilitate the everyday work of the retailer and store employees
  • using appropriate tools and proper packing helps to avoid cheese losses
  • the ability to match professional tools to a specific type of cheese
  • a guarantee – the tools are made from the highest quality plastics and stainless steel.

Cheese display

professional tools for a suitable and attractive display.

The advantages of having them in your store:
  • a suitable display that attracts the attention of the customer
  • those stores with an attractive and professionally equipped cheese counter stand out from other stores, encouraging the customer to visit them again
  • provides order and organisation at the cheese counter, making it easier to see the variety of products and make the right decision
  • a change in the height of displayed cheeses increases sales by up to 18%!